Banding Together to Support those Suffering from Tyrosinemia


N.O.T.A. PROBLEM, We’ve got each other.

Insuring that no child or individual around the globe goes untreated.

Providing families affected the resources available to them.

Connecting multiple organization worldwide to build a strong community

Supporting every parent. You are not alone in this struggle, and you have the support you need at critical times.

Striving for perfect newborn screening in an effort to never miss a child’s diagnosis ever again.

Gathering stories of our families, resources, recipes, and news related to Tyro to be shared with each other and hospitals.

We are weak as one, but together we are strong.

This organization has been created to bring together the Tyro community. What started as a simple Facebook group has now turned into a worldwide community of families and friends who are or know someone who is affected by Tyrosinemia. Our goals are simple and aim to help spread information about Tyrosinemia and build a stronger community.

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